Wills, Estates & Estate Arbitration

Some of our most important decisions need to be made after we pass on. This is why everyone should have a will and estate plan in place before that happens. We assist clients in determining the best way to manage their estate, regardless of the amount.

Having a will is important, it speaks for you when you are no longer with us to do so. People are often surprised at how much they can do in their will. You can tell your loved ones how you want your estate divided, who is to receive your specific things you own, who you wish to take care of children and much more. Since 1982, we have provided guidance on how to manage complex family situations and helped clients make decisions in order to create a will that provides peace of mind and security for years to come.

Just as important is that we protect ourselves while still alive, but unable to make decisions. Our wills come with powers of attorney for your property, should your loved ones need to manage your property while you cannot; as well as powers of attorney for care, for when decisions about your health need to be made quickly and according to your wishes.

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